Counting my blessings.

I don’t think I am generous anymore. I guess I have decidedly reserved this space for my personal enlisting of joyous moments. If it benefits ‘public health’ so be it ! I think the pressures of being a worldly wise person have been responsible for the rather large lags in postings, and in my world, I place a lot of value on noting, anecdoting, and archiving memories. I am certain about this because I’ve largely benefited from past diaries that have given me great many laughs and insights into how-and-what-I-was-thinking-on-may-23-1998 ! But more so, because I have benefited even more by maverick acts of archiving and preservation taken on by my husband since his childhood.

I think I have been inspired by Neil Pasricha, whose serendipitous claim to fame is attributed to his blog brought him to the other side of my laptop screen on Ted talks here – . With no such aspersions or aspirations of fame, Neil Pasricha’s idea behind his blog has stayed with me, long after I saw his talk on Ted more than a month ago. My previous post has been, as you may now realize, evidently an offshoot of the ‘awesome’ talk .Given that I love writing, and given that I am fickle and easily pleased and displeased, I believe that replicating his idea is a perfect way to keep my love going.

Therefore, an introductory post for what-might-be the nature of the blog henceforth; and the actual post for today coming up.


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