About Me

A story seeker. A story teller. Times of today hardly ever deliver news to cherish, relish or replenish. Negativity sucks! Really.

Then arises this inspired thought and fire to spread a cheerful word, break a frown into a smile, light a hope. Inspired in part by Neil Pasricha’s blog regularly updated blog ‘1000 Awesome Things‘, and by own love for and solace in writing. So here, enters the wordspinner to tell you of happy stories, funny tales, words of inspiration, successes after the sweat, some ridiculous anecdotes too, you bet!

As I wrote in my first post on this blog, “ I am Harini Sarathy, a  1983 born optimistic, sometime-wannabe doctor, sometime-wannabe epidemiologist, and a sometime-wannabe journalist. As a doctor and epidemiologist, your health and public health are my concern. Health is inextricably linked to happiness… and that should quite well explain why I am here to sell good news for free!
Haha. I really hope this pathetic piece of health promotion struck a chord ;) !”

A repertoire of the common man’s follies, the woman in the kitchen’s forays, the urchin’s grin, or the dean’s speakin’. If you heard of saw something good, please tell me and I’ll put it up right here with due acknowledgement!

All in all, at the end of each post, my job is done, when you let me know – Yes, We Are Mired In Mirth!


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